Owen Wright's Plastic Free Day | Mirage Saltwater Culture Boardshorts | Rip Curl - Lugares del Mundo

Owen Wright's Plastic Free Day | Mirage Saltwater Culture Boardshorts | Rip Curl

Owen Wright goes plastic free for a day and puts his signature Mirage Saltwater Culture Boardshort on display at one of his favourite locals on Earth - classic Big O power at its finest. Need some boardies" Want to destroy waves and not the planet" Enter the Owen Wright Saltwater Culture Mirage Boardshort. These trunks are made from Mirage Pro Eco fabric which provides the big man with all the stretch he needs, but makes sure even Owen's tremendous hoof leaves the smallest eco-footprint. The above the knee and scalloped hem design not only makes for a leggy illusion they allow for great range of motion, and the contrast panelling is for extra pop. #SaltwaterCulture #Mirage #RipCurl Explore Rip Curl's Saltwater Collection at RipCurl.com ? USA: https://www.ripcurl.com/us/shop"tag=saltwater-culture-mens-collection Australia: https://www.ripcurl.com/au/shop"tag=salt-water-culture-mens Europe: https://www.ripcurl.eu/en/mens/collections/salt-water-culture.html NZ: https://www.ripcurl.com/nz/shop"tag=salt-water-culture-mens South East Asia: https://www.ripcurl.asia/en/ Brazil: https://www.ripcurl.com.br/ Subscribe to Rip Curl's YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/c/ripcurl Follow @RipCurl on Facebook: https://facebook.com/ripcurl Follow @RipCurl_Women on Instagram: https://instagram.com/ripcurl_women Follow @RipCurl_USA on Instagram: https://instagram.com/ripcurl_usa Follow @RipCurl_Aus on Instagram: https://instagram.com/ripcurl_aus Follow @RipCurl_Europe on Instagram: https://instagram.com/ripcurl_europe Follow @RipCurl on TikTok: https://tiktok.com/@rip_curl Follow @RipCurl on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ripcurl